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Entreon Corporation was founded in 1998 to help Fortune 1000 corporations conduct Business at the speed of businessTM. Businesses, regardless of size or industry, face a universal problem -- business is generally conducted at the speed of its enterprise applications. Data from enterprise applications helps paint a picture of an organization's key successes, challenges and opportunities. Unfortunately, the picture is rarely accurate because the business model of an enterprise application differs significantly from the current model.

The Entreon Mission
We make software that helps companies understand and manage their business model; communicate it to their employees, partners and customers; and apply it in all their business applications.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

The fundamental issue facing businesses is that change is constant. Businesses are under a constant pressure to change; and change means changing the business model. According to McKinsey and Company, to deliver on a sustainable growth strategy, enterprises must constantly change as they:

  1. defend their core business,
  2. provide a steady pipeline of new emerging businesses, and
  3. develop new business and market ideas.
Entreon's Guiding Principles
  1. Our strategies are tied to leading-edge customers and partners
  2. We must provide the technology and products our customers and partners need
  3. In a world where customers want to execute "Business at the speed of businessTM", time cannot be sacrificed for better quality or even better decisions
  4. In the marketplace, we must maintain our lead
  5. Respect for the individual and the success of our customers are the cornerstones of daily behavior
The pipeline must constantly evolve from new business to become emerging business to become new core businesses. To be successful, new enterprise must also evolve and change from ideas to an emerging state, to building a core business corporation. The internet has just increased the rate of business change.

To manage this change, business change (i.e., business model change) means that enterprises need a business model management solution. Enterprises need to track the change and manage the change. Enterprises must also understand the impact of change on the business and review a slate of options to make the right choice. The business changes also must be synchronized across the enterprise and across all the business applications, all in a timely manner. If not done correctly and in a timely manner, the business will suffer from "temporal distortion" a time-based distortion where different systems have different views of the business model, thus leading to poor and even catastrophic decisions.

Who's Who at Entreon
Harjinder Gill President
Alfred Jehle Chief Financial Officer
Board of Directors
Entreon overcomes temporal distortion by creating the world's first self-contained, collaborative, enterprise business modeling application, starBEAMTM. Entreon's starBEAM is a bridge that links a company's current business model with earlier models used by enterprise applications, such as sales management systems, production applications, human resources systems, and distribution technology. By updating the business model, or business rules, used to gather and report data from all enterprise systems, starBEAMTM helps improve corporate decision-making capabilities and business planning success, as well as the effectiveness and quality of enterprise applications.

Entreon allows you to recapture that lost revenue and improve the efficiency of your processes by delivering the world's first, self-contained, collaborative Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management application, starBEAMTM.

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