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Entreon is proud to award Premier Partner Status to Endurant Business Solutions in Entreon's Systems Integration and Consulting Partner Program. Endurant Business Solutions recognizes the importance of enterprise business modeling and has established a fully staffed practice, providing strategic business modeling services for its CRM and eBusiness clients.

Theories. Supposition. Trial and error. Those are scary ways to make critical changes in your business process, information technology or organizational design.  There is a better way though - it's called practical experience.

Our consultants have walked in your shoes.

They know what works...and what doesn't.  That's the reason we:

  • ask a lot of the right questions.
  • set mutually agreed on goals.
  • create a made-to-order approach for smooth transition.
  • We make sure you're informed and in control.

And it's why we show.  We train.  We coach.  We make sure everything works before we leave.

Because at the end of the day you want lasting solutions not lasting consulting fees.

For more information, check out Endurant Business Solution's web site.

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