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InXight Technology

Entreon has chosen InXight Technology as a Technology Integration Partner and the supplier of the browser-based hyperbolic viewing technology used in starBEAMTM Browser. InXight's Hyperbolic Tree Display SDK was used to create the rendering engine for displaying business model details exported from starBEAMTM Server and provides a powerful metaphor for business model communications and collaboration.

Hyperbolica Tree SDK allows the user to navigate around hierarchies a thousand times larger than those handled by conventional views. Simply click and drag to dynamically warp a graphical display to gain a new perspective on different portions of the hierarchy. Application areas include document repositories, parts assemblies, class hierarchies, world-wide web link structures, category hierarchies, decision trees, and network hierarchies.

For more information, check out InXight's web site. See Inxight's case study on Entreon's EBM Solution: www.inxight.com/pdfs/entreon_case_study.pdf (Requires Acrobat Reader).

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