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More details on the Teradata and Entreon Active Data Warehouse Solution can be found HERE.

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“I wish every Teradata customer would use Entreon's StarBEAM to organize their look up, reference, and dimensional data.  The data quality improvements and ability to maintain hierarchical relationships over time makes sourcing into the data warehouse much more effective than ad hoc methods for maintaining this information.”

 Stephen A. Brobst

CTO, Teradata Division

NCR Corporation

Teradata Release V2R4.1 is THE Active Data Warehouse™. Entreon shares the Active data warehouse vision - a data warehouse that is the center of all business activity and understanding. An enabling component of the Active Data Warehouse is your ever-changing business model - look-up, reference and dimension tables which themselves, represent the complex business rules that describe how your company operates. Entreon's StarBEAM® increases the ROI of your Active Data Warehouse by providing a streamlined, business-focused application to manage the business model's capture, communication, change, and synchronization within Teradata.

Entreon's StarBEAM® products are certified with Teradata's highly scalable relational database management system, supporting the following versions:

  • Teradata V2R3, V2R4.1
  • Teradata for Windows 2000

NCR's Teradata Active WarehouseTM solutions enable businesses to simply and quickly leverage detailed data, turning it into actionable opportunities. Built on NCR's world class Teradata technology, NCR solutions enable a holistic view of the enterprise by providing the ability to analyze and synthesize information about every interaction and transaction with your customer and supplier relationships.


Entreon Corporation is a Teradata Global Alliances Partner

For more information, check out Teradata's web site.

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