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Entreon Corporation Introduces a New Class of Enterprise Applications for the Fortune 1000: Enterprise Business Model (EBM) Management. Announces Availability of starBEAMTM Release 2.4.

June 1, 2000. Minnetonka, MN. For Immediate Release

Entreon Corporation today announced the availability of release 2.4 of its industry first starBEAMTM Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management software. Entreon's EBM management solution brings a new era of business understanding and opportunity for Fortune 1000 companies to better manage the rapid pace of change. The software, based upon a new, patent-pending technology enables Business at the SPEED of BusinessTM, a requirement in the new e-Economy.

Entreon's Founder and CEO, Harjinder Gill stated "StarBEAM represents, for the first time, the ability for large corporations to competitively understand and rapidly change their business model in a timely manner." To date, the business model has been represented as a paper document in the form of a strategic business plan. By the time the plan is published, the document is already out of date.

StarBEAM represents a new class of enterprise applications: Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management. Other classes include Enterprise Resource Planning, Sales Force Automation, Business Intelligence, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Call Center Management. All of these applications require a current understanding of the business model in order to operate effectively. "Until the availability of starBEAM, business model management was a task poorly managed within the scope of each application" stated Entreon's Jim Crowley, Vice President of Business Development. "As a result of this situation, a company's enterprise applications are very quickly out of synch with each other and real-world operations, bringing inefficiencies represented by poor response to customers, suppliers, and business operations. These inefficiencies result in lost revenue, decreases in profit, and poor response to new business opportunities.

RELEASE 2.4 Brings Added Functionality

StarBEAM release 2.4 extends the core application's requirements of:

  1. Business Model Capture
  2. Business Model Communication
  3. Business Model Change Management
  4. Business Model Brokering / Exchange
by adding new methods for visualizing Customer and Partner Relationship Management "context views" within the business model. Additionally, infrastructure support for IBM's DB2 and Microsoft's SQL Server has been added to the already supported the relational database management system platforms of Oracle and NCR Teradata.

About Entreon

Entreon’s mission is to help its customers develop and deploy Enterprise Business Model Management software solutions to better understand, analyze and manage the enterprise. Entreon is the innovator of Enterprise Business Model Management technology and the first software vendor to deliver an Enterprise Business Modeling Facility with the ability to formally capture and visualize, manage, broker, exchange, and communicate the complex enterprise business models of today. The Enterprise Business Model drives and synchronizes the business configuration of every enterprise application. Entreon’s patent pending technology, delivered through the starBEAMTM EBM software, enables management to understand the end-to-end profitability of its business model over time. StarBEAM delivers true “touch point” visualization of all B2B partner interactions.

Privately held and located in twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, Entreon is the acknowledged leader in Enterprise Business Model Management software solutions. Customers include Fortune 500 companies spanning high technology, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries. More information related to Entreon and its starBEAM software product can be found at www.entreon.com.

Entreon Contact:
James M. Crowley
Vice President, Business Development

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