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Entreon Corporation
is a proud member
of MHTA.

The Partners Program is designed to leverage Entreon's patent-pending Enterprise Business Model management technology and the starBEAMTM product across a wide variety of relationships that maximize the value of the business modeling solution delivered to the end customer.

Our partners extend the value of starBEAMTM by:

  1. Adding collaborative capabilities with other Enterprise Business Model-based applications.
  2. Offering enhanced business modeling solutions by delivering pre-defined, proven, industry specific business models.
  3. Incorporating Entreon's patent-pending EBM management technology into their own application.
  4. Providing starBEAMTM certified systems integration and consulting services for the implementation of Entreon's products.

Entreon is pleased to welcome the following partners:

Complementary Technology Organizations that offer products and/or technology that compliment Entreon's products. Complementary technology generally shares information between product sets to enhance product integration or messaging capabilities.
Systems Integration and Consulting Organizations that help companies select, deploy, integrate and install enterprise applications, including integrating existing software and hardware and developing custom applications.
Technology Integration Technology Integration partnerships result in unique, value adding application solutions built around Entreon's products. 

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