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Capabilities of starBEAM
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Capabilities of starBEAMTM

Entreon's starBEAMTM is a powerful business application that helps companies manage change, control costs, and collaboratively integrate and synchronize business models across the business enterprise.

StarBEAM has seven components. Used together, they allow you to actively manage your business model. StarBEAM can be implemented within your organization in just a few days so you can quickly begin seeing its powerful benefits.

Operates as the backbone of starBEAM and is built to be portable across different platforms, compatible with varying network configurations, and 100% JAVA-based to provide the speed and accessibility of web server technology.

StarBEAM Server implements Entreon's patent pending business modeling technology and provides business model maintenance and auditing facilities. Audit trails track changes resulting from redeployment of business resources, such as corporate reorganization, product redefinitions, merger and acquisitions, to help assess the impact of changes to the business model.

Import Manager
Imports and captures business models from any business applications to create an integrated enterprise business model (based on business rules maintained in Navigator and Administrator).

Import Manager's pre-defined input formats can give you an immediate jumpstart on business model analysis.

Export Manager
Exports starBEAM-managed models or datasets to existing model-based business applications and to starBEAM Browser for visual and application-based business model collaboration.
Enables the brokering or exchange of business model information across many differing, multi-vendor enterprise applications.

Connectors provide the ability to capture and synchronize business models from and between enterprise applications. An example would be to synchronize the business model between Supply Chain management applications, Enterprise Resource Planning systems and e-Commerce demand applications. Such an activity would provide an end-to-end understanding of profitability across the entire supply-demand business horizon.

Manages both the technical and business components of the system.

Administrator is used to define and import business model definitions, manage changes and business models versions, and define various system parameters and user security.

Allows a business user to add, modify or change the business rules that make up a business model.

Navigator provides the business user with logic to integrate your business systems across the enterprise and manage business model changes.

Provides business users with the ability to view and analyze business models in a graphical, hyperbolic visual display.

Browser allows you to rotate complex business models in a live web environment, improving the ability to comprehend, communicate and analyze complex enterprise business models.

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