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We make software that helps companies understand and manage their business model; communicate it to their employees, partners, and customers; and apply it in all their business applications. Entreon is the innovator and leading provider of Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management software solutions.

In business, change is constant. Businesses are under constant pressure to change; and business change means changing the business model. To manage this change (i.e. business model or EBM change), enterprises need a business model management solution.

Enterprises need to track and manage business model change over time and they must understand the impact it has on the business.

This understanding of impact, or impact analysis, helps executive management assess business model options and take the proper strategic actions. Once the strategic actions have been determined, the changes to the business model must be synchronized across the enterprise and all business applications in a timely manner.

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EBM management solutions provide the ability to:
  1. Capture the Enterprise Business Model
  2. Communicate the Enterprise Business Model
  3. Manage the Enterprise Business Model's Change Over Time
  4. Broker or Exchange the Enterprise Business Model, Synchronizing Business Applications
"Faced with unrelenting competition, businesses must reinvent themselves or invent new business models. The need for accurate, context-based and comprehensive decision making is paramount, and such decision making depends on the effective management of the business model."
- Supplement to 12/00 issue of DM Review
Click HERE to check out the online article at DM Review that describes the benefits of Entreon's Enterprise Business Model Management solution.

MINNETONKA, Minn., Dec. 20 (LocalBusiness.com) -- Sure, every company has a business model, a blueprint for how the organization operates. But where is it?

The answer is: everywhere and nowhere. A portion of the business model lies in the accountant's spreadsheets, another in human resources' files and still another in the mind of the company's founder.

Entreon Corp.'s starBEAM software collects all these bits and pieces and creates a visual depiction of the business model...

- Excerpt from an article in LocalBusiness.com
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