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Managing Your Business at the Speed of Business
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Managing Your Business at the SPEED of BusinessTM

All businesses face a common challenge -- managing a dynamic, ever-changing business using information from an outdated business model. What is a business model? Simply put, it is a defined set of organizational structures and interrelating business rules.

All strategic business decisions are based upon an understanding of a business model. All operational enterprise applications are also based upon a defined business model. With the success of your organization driven by the ability to execute upon this business model, you need an Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management solution to ensure that your decisions and operational processes can be optimized to a competitive advantage. You need to manage your Enterprise Business Model.

Effective Business Model Management Entails...
  1. Business Model Capture. The business model exists in many forms throughout the enterprise. Components are maintained in separate, incompatible business applications, spreadsheets, and file cabinets. The first step to an effective Enterprise Business Model Management solution is the ability to easily gather this information, regardless of form or storage location, and provide an ability to easily integrate the details into a single enterprise view.

  2. Business Model Communication. With the business model now captured, the Enterprise Business Model Management solution must bring an ability to easily communicate and assure understanding of the EBM to both business and technical users. With sophisticated, yet easy to use and understand business model visualization capabilities, users are able to quickly comprehend complex business model information and begin to assess the current state of the business.

  3. Business Model Change Management. Now that the current Enterprise Business Model is understood, the activities transition to that of managing the business model to understand and project potential changes strategic changes. Change management provides an audited facility for controlling multiple versions of the business model provides business users with easy to understand wizards to affect business model (and, as a result, business strategy) changes.

  4. Business Model Brokering or Exchange. With the Enterprise Business Model now updated to account for needed strategic changes to the business, it is important to be able to broker or exchange the newly accepted EBM with your corporate constituents (customer and partner organizations) throughout the demand and supply chains. Additionally, your company's enterprise applications - all requiring knowledge of the EBM in order to operate - can now receive automated updates via Connectors which broker or exchange the EBM in a way that is understood by the receiving application.

Entreon has created a patent-pending technology for Enterprise Business Model (EBM) management. The EBM facility is a self-contained, enterprise application for business model management enabling a collaborative, iterative, business user-managed process.

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